20 Ways to Avoid Studying

  1.  Realize you’re hungry and go to Pinterest to look up recipes that require food you don’t have.
  2. Contemplate going to the grocery store to buy food needed. It’s cold and you’re still in your pj’s. You’re not fooling anyone. Decide against it.
  3. Make a cup of tea instead.
  4. Forget you were steeping tea. It’s cold and bitter now, just like you. Make a new cup.
  5. Nap. Set your alarm for 27 minutes because you read somewhere that’s the perfect amount of time to wake up with the most energy.
  6. Snooze your alarm 11.4 times and wake up grumpier and more tired than you were before the nap.
  7. Calculate the lowest grade you can get on this exam to pass the class.
  8. Do a load of laundry because now is the perfect time to wash the 3 story pile of clothes you’ve been saving for this precise moment.
  9. Force-cuddle your animals.
  10. Make lists.
  11. Cry.
  12. Scroll  through Instagram/Snapchat for 10 minutes.
  13. Accidentally like a 2 year old picture of your ex’s new girlfriend. Panic.
  14. 10 hours have passed. Delete your apps to try to stay focused.
  15. Stare at notes.
  16. Re-download your Instagram and Snapchat.
  17. Question if you’re actually hungry or just bored. Better eat just in case.
  18. Realize you have to wash your dishes. You’d rather be studying.
  19. Attempt to study.
  20. Create a blog to blog about it.

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