What’s under the curtain?

I love art.

It doesn’t matter what kind, be studio art, digital art, pop art, interactive art, classical paintings, pottery, sculptures, you name it. I love it all.

Art is emotional expression in physical form.

Art is a person. Looking at an artist’s art is like lifting up a veil that covers a person and revealing pieces of their soul and personality. When you look at their art, you look into a world seen through another man’s eyes. You catch shimmering glimpses and bursts of the fabric of their mind, soul, interests, viewpoints or politics, society, and even more so themselves.

Art is alive in every way, shape, and form and what makes it great is that it’s not one cookie cutter thing. It’s ever-open to interpretation, thus rendering it ever-changing and eternal.

(Excuse my grammatical errors, I’m too lazy to correct them at the moment.)


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