The Universe

Is there anything other than our universe?

By definition, the Universe is all of time and everything in space, from the Moon, to the Jovian planets, and everything beyond the farthest stretches of our explored deep space. But if the universe is comprised of all things known and unknown, is there more beyond that? How could there be “multiverses”, when the only things that are anywhere  must be somewhere within our universe?


5 thoughts on “The Universe

  1. It begs the question, where did the ‘anywhere’ or ‘everything’ come from? Did matter come from no where to create our universe? How was there nothing before, then in an instant , 10 billion degree sea of neutrons, protons, electrons, neutrinos, etc.

    Did the universe exist once before, collapse on itself, implode, and start again?

    Or, do black holes actually lead somewhere, to create a new universe with all the matter they suck in?

    Interesting theories always floating around, and great post to ignite the discussion!


    1. Ah, the million dollar question: Where did anything come from. I highly doubt this question will ever be answered. Some say God, others say the Big Bang, but even then, where did those arise from?

      Religion is a whole other post for another day, and incredibly interesting. Nearly all religions, when you strip them down to the bone, share many of the same underlying beliefs. It’s crazy to think they most all preach peace, but constantly try to belittle or claim superiority over other religions or ways of life.

      The creation of Earth and the Universe can be partially explained through science, but there must me more to it, something that we as humans cannot begin to understand or explain. We try to make sense of a world that is constantly changing, and I think it’s possible that is how religion arose, and why some believe “God” created everything out of nothing.

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      1. I think a big part of it as well, is that physicists have a hard time that something just, is. It could be that this is our first and only universe, putting God aside, the universe exists and there is no explanation for it.
        Always an interesting topic.

        “Death by Black Hole” by Neil DeGrasse Tyson goes into great detail about such subjects, and over my head. But an interesting read, one that makes you close the chapter for a bit and think.

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      2. My favourite types of reads; Ones that make you really think about things. I’ll definitely check that out. I’m currently reading an astronomy textbook which is actually really helpful in understanding how our solar system was formed, why and how planets, stars, moons, and asteroids came into being, and how energy flows in space. All very clear and helpful. I have the PDF link to if if you are interested. If you are really interested in space I would highly recommend it! It is amazing.

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