Donald Trump: from my 22 year-old perspective

As a 22 year old with an incredibly open and generally unbiased attitude towards politics, I am still thoroughly appalled that a country so grand would dare elect a man with such little to him.

Before all you Trump supporters out there have your heart explodes in your chest and start fuming from your ears, take a minute to hear me out, and please attempt, even just for a couple minutes, to see things from an adversaries point of view.

As far as politics go, I choose to vote not for a party, which unfortunately most people do, but for whichever man or woman I believe will be best fit to represent the United States of America. Though I believe with every fiber of my being that there will be no single president that is loved or respected by all, I do believe that we all have the capability to view each Presidents actions, behaviors, and personality traits easily and cohesively. They each have a general set of traits, or behavioral patterns, that makes them, THEM. How we internalize and interpret these, on the other hand, varies based on the person. Everyone has a right to their own opinions, and I, for one, think this is what makes human beings so interesting and admirable.

That being said, here are some of the works of my own mind:

(Keep in mind, these are my views on him as a leader, not delving into his actual progress as President. These are my personal observations.) They are definitely not favouring Trump so just prepare yourself >:D )

Trump, as can be agreed upon by most, loves to speak his mind and even more so, loves to be heard. Life of the party or center of attention, whichever term you choose to use is up to you, but one way or another it is known: Trumps need for absolute and undivided attention is what propels him through life. 

This definitely shows when you look back to his entertaining days on the Apprentice. The reality TV star was drunk with attention, but maybe his fan base number just didn’t cut it for him. It is clear he really believes what he says needs to be heard by everyone, but it makes me question what drove him to become president. Is it possible, Trump became president to ensure he would be the most heard person in America? I also recall reading somewhere that a while back he told someone that his dream was to be on the cover of TIME magazines “People of the Year”. In 2016, he was slapped on the cover. I imagine he still gets off to that today.

 I really do believe that the greatest way to throw Trump into a chaotic disarray, is to not acknowledge him at all. I surely imagine Trump would wither into a ball and transform himself into the baby slug-like Voldemort if suddenly, by some miracle, everyone stopped caring or listening to what he has to say. Imagine the rage that would ensue if he received no attention from the public!

While we are on the topic of short tempers, has anyone noticed he seems to be one of the most easily offended presidents in history? It’s ridiculous! As seen in his TV show, the entertainer seems to want to be the holder of all the cards, the head honcho. Power hungry, greedy for profit, and severely afflicted with a God-Complex, it seems that Trump needs to be in charge, his word above all, all the time. He’s like the crazy customer in the WalMart line who thinks the world revolves around him, literally.

When someone disagrees with him, doesn’t support his ego, or makes a joke about him, (which let’s admit is often; the guy is a gold mine for comedians.), the man activates his inner 13-year-old and throws a tantrum, his crunchy Cheeto exterior crumbling as he smashes 180 characters into his Twitter feed, seeking affirmation from his millions of followers. A tantrum will not gain respect, Mr. Trump. Without respect, who is left to stand by you in your time of need? Being selfish has no long-term advantages. Perhaps this is why he often appears to act so erratically, because no one else can relate.

My issue is that Trump needs to acknowledge he isn’t on the Apprentice anymore. This position he applied for breaks beyond the simple and inconsequential boundaries of Reality TV. This is real life, where actions and words have severe consequences, whether good or bad. The fact of the matter is, he needs to understand, he is not God. He cannot get his way just because he thinks he is always right.  Holding the position of President, has long been an treated as an honor. Many kids dream of one day having their own minds shape the world for the betterment of all, not just for themselves, and from my perspective, Trump is the only president who has never dreamed of bettering society, but instead is treating this as a  step to increase his popularity. It seems he is almost mocking centuries of American traditions, once highly respected.

It’s wild times at the White House.

While there are many traits I do not deem worthy of presidency, I also find some traits that I admire. He has made true of the statement that “no publicity, is bad publicity.” I mean everyone knows the guys name. He did something right to get where he is today, and whether or not the Russians helped him, he still managed to make it happen, which is impressive. I also think it’s beneficial that we are loosening up the once uber-politically correct world of politics. We are an ever-changing society, and we need to shake things up every once in a while in order to create new standards. Another interesting contribution is his constant “open” communication with the general public. Using twitter to display what seems like every emotion or thought he experiences, it almost feels as if everyone is granted immediate access to what is going on in his mind.

Unfortunately for Trump, in the end, I still believe that a successful leader must maintain an unbiased and open mindset, a strong moral compass, must be well-read, rational, unselfish, passionate, unconventional,  and bold. A great leader nurtures and inspires bright minds to become more. A great leader stirs up the embers of conversation to see both sides of a situation. They must argue their own point of view and never slavishly follow accepted wisdom. Leaders are leaders because they take us where we wish to go. Once they stop doing that, they become something else. They become politicians.

So Mr. President, my advice to you would be to move not with reaction, but with purpose. I’m still hoping you prove me wrong and  can continue to make America great.

Feel free to post your views below, even if I don’t agree with them I love to see things from others perspectives! 🙂



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